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Addictive Puzzle Game Tilt & Sprout Adds Retina Graphics And iPhone 5 Support

Addictive Puzzle Game Tilt & Sprout Adds Retina Graphics And iPhone 5 Support

September 22, 2012
Tilt & Sprout, starring the flower obsessed blue bird Tilt, is a fun little tilt motion title from Twiddly that we first covered last year. In this game, players help Tilt plant flowers by steering growing shoots underground so that they can take root, while avoiding sprout-destroying obstacles like rocks and dog bones. It's a simple pick up and play game that's easy to master, making it perfect for kids and adults alike. Since its release, Tilt & Sprout has gone though several updates. The latest 1.4 version of the app adds both Retina graphics and iPhone 5 support, making it the perfect title to grab if you want to test the wider screen of your iPhone 5.

This version has also comes with a brand new store and a new scoring system complete with Game Center Leaderboards. Here are some other game features:
  • Use simple Tilt controls to navigate cleverly crafted, imaginative levels
  • 60 Puzzles and Challenges across 5 Themes, with FREE UPDATES
  • Each packet of seeds introduces a NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANIC to encounter
  • Game Center / Leader Boards / Achievements / Retina Graphics
  • Imaginative level select screens that grow with your progress
  • Active environments weed their way in to give unexpected gameplay situations
  • Rake in MEGA POINTS - growing the longest sprout root, mowing through loose objects, obtaining each level’s minerals and bloom a healthy flower.
  Though many features have been added, the price of the game has remained the same. You can get Tilt & Sprout for $0.99 in the App Store.

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