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Adobe Aims High For Higher Education With All New iPad App

Adobe Aims High For Higher Education With All New iPad App

September 24, 2012
There's a new Adobe app on the block, and it's called Adobe & HED. Adobe maintains quite a few apps in the App Store, most of which serve as tools for helping users perform creative and productive tasks. But the new Adobe & HED app is far removed from those. Compatible with iPad only, Adobe & HED is actually an informational brochure that highlights, as its name suggests, Adobe's potential in aid of higher education:
With Adobe tools and services, your faculty can create more engaging ways to teach, students can develop digital skills and learn how to present ideas in more compelling ways, and you can run your operations more efficiently.
Not unlike a typical Newsstand app, Adobe & HED comprises a brochure library and a brochure viewer. At the moment, a single brochure is available in the library for you to view. Presumably the app's inaugural issue, that single brochure is appropriately titled "Adobe and higher education." Basically, "Adobe and higher education" and, by extension, the Adobe & HED app itself promotes Adobe's portfolio. This portfolio includes technologies and services that can "help faculty, students, and staff deliver standout digital experiences that promote excellence campuswide." If you're part of any of the three aforementioned groups in higher education, go ahead and download Adobe & HED for iPad now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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