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Updated: Apple Is Not Including A Lightning To 30-Pin Adapter With The New iPhone 5

Updated: Apple Is Not Including A Lightning To 30-Pin Adapter With The New iPhone 5

September 14, 2012
UPDATE: If you go to the "What's in the box" page for the iPhone 5 and scroll down to the bottom, the connector is listed specifically under accessories, whereas, no other accessories are listed. To us, this means it very well is included. But we're waiting on confirmation. UPDATE #2: The Loop received confirmation from Apple that the connector is not included:
The Lightning to 30-pin adapter does not come in the box with iPhone 5. It is sold separately,” Apple spokesperson, Natalie Harrison, told The Loop. “However, the Lightning to USB cable does come with iPhone 5 for connection to AC chargers and other devices.
Far from charging customers for their first Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in the Apple Online Store, it seems as if the Cupertino, Calif. company is unexpectedly bundling free adapters with new iPhone 5 orders. Just take a look at the below image, taken from the iPhone 5 order process in the Apple Online Store. As you can see, customers have the option of purchasing an "additional" adapter with their iPhone, and are informed that such an adapter (which can hook your iPhone 5 up to 30-pin dock accessories) is included in with the handset. Curiously, however, Apple's "What's in the box?" summary does not mention the inclusion of a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. Apple has yet to confirm the above mystery, but as soon as the company comments on the matter, we'll let you know. In the meantime, do note that the iPhone 5 is already available for preorder, though the handset's shipping times are reportedly two weeks. Ouch. Source: The Next Web

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