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Gazelle Giving iPhone Sellers More Time To Cash In

Gazelle Giving iPhone Sellers More Time To Cash In

September 18, 2012
In August, Gazelle offered would-be iPhone 5 customers an amazing opportunity. Through the end of the month, the electronics trade-in company instituted a price-lock guarantee for those that wanted to sell their older devices, but also wanted to keep them until their new unit arrived. As such, the plan allowed customers to keep their existing devices until Oct. 1. Since then, Apple announced that the first iPhone 5 units were completely sold out. In other words, many of Gazelle’s customers won’t be getting their new iOS devices until after the official Sept. 21 launch date, perhaps as late as early October. Because of this, Gazelle has extended to Oct. 10, the date in which customers must trade-in their older handsets. According to an email sent to customers, Gazelle states:
We've heard that it's been difficult to get a new iPhone® in time to send in your current one by October 1st, so we're extending your offer! To receive your full offer of $XXX.00, we'll need to receive your iPhone on or before October 10, 2012. To ensure that we receive your iPhone in time, please send us your iPhone as soon as you get the new one. If you haven't already, we recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible.
As one of those customers who don’t expect to receive my new iPhone until after Oct. 1, I welcome this news. It means that I have 9 more days to turn in my iPhone 4S, and still receive the $320 I was originally offered. For new sellers, that same model is now being bought for $232. Will your iPhone 5 arrive on Friday, or did you order it too late? Don't know? Check out this tool.  

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