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Use This Trick To Possibly See Where Your New iPhone 5 Is Right Now

September 17, 2012
If you pre-ordered an iPhone 5 directly through Apple, the order status page probably only lists a cryptic “Preparing for shipment” message. But the Houston Chronicle’s Dwight Silverman has a handy trick to possibly see if your new handset has already shipped. First off, Apple will use both UPS and FedEx for deliveries Friday. This method will only give you a tracking number if your shipment is coming via UPS. To find out, head on over to UPS’ website here. On the left hand side of the page choose “Track by Reference.” In the first box, Shipment Reference, you need to enter a phone number – either the one associated with your iPhone or your billing address. Choose your destination country and then enter your zip or postal code. If you’re lucky, like our own Jamie Young, you might get a tracking number and where exactly your iPhone is now. Which might make waiting for Friday to come even that much easier. [caption id="attachment_339065" align="aligncenter" width="360"]If you're lucky, this is what you'll see after entering all of the information. If you're lucky, this is what you'll see after entering all of the information.[/caption] And if you actually see a tracking number by this method, consider yourself fortunate. Because I was moving two lines of service away from AT&T, I had to place my pre-order directly through the Verizon site. As of a few minutes ago, even though I received a confirmation email early Friday morning, Verizon has no apparent record of my order. My fingers are crossed that something will show up soon. Thanks for the tip, Janis. Source: TechBlog

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