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Handmade Highlights: Gorgeous Wooden Skins and Cases for Nature Lovers

Handmade Highlights: Gorgeous Wooden Skins and Cases for Nature Lovers

September 4, 2012
Last week on Handmade Highlights, I introduced you guys to Booksi, an amazing line of book style iPad and iPhone docks. Today I have a special treat for naturalists and people who love the classic look of wood. Carved Products creates hand crafted iPhone skins and cases from real, raw wood, for a high quality case or skin that looks gorgeous and feels great in your hand.

While cases provide full protection for your iPhone and come in two pieces to snap over the phone, the wood skins come with a strong adhesive that allows you to stick the skin on the back of your iPhone with no hassle at all.

Full cases are a bit thicker, but if you like the look of a slim phone, the skins are a fantastic option. The adhesive is easy to remove and reuse, which is great if you like to change the look of your phone on a regular basis. Skins and cases come in plain wood designs and with both laser cut outs and inlays. For example, check out this awesome map skin.

There’s even a puzzle piece skin that you can put together yourself. Pretty nifty, right?

The Carved iPhone cases and skins range in price from $69 for the cases to $24 and up for the skins. That super cute monster skin up there will run you $34, while the puzzle skin comes in at $39. What do you think of the Carved cases? Are these your style? My favorite is the little monster with the tree and the rabbit. How adorable is that? If you want to check out previous Handmade Highlights posts, click (or tap) here. As always, if you know of any great handmade items you’d like to see featured, make sure to get in touch.

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