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Key Function Is Apparently Missing In Action In VEVO HD 2.0

Key Function Is Apparently Missing In Action In VEVO HD 2.0

September 7, 2012
Late last July, VEVO for iPhone was updated to version 2.0. Now, it’s VEVO HD for iPad’s turn to get the big two-dot-oh treatment. But is this new major upgrade to the official iPad app of the popular music video website a step in the right direction? On the whole, yes, but there are at least a couple of setbacks that the app’s developer will have to immediately attend to. Before we delve into those, though, here are the new things you can expect from VEVO HD 2.0:
  • Enjoy a social and personal experience - like our iPhone app, VEVO has been redesigned from the ground up in iPad!
  • Tap top left menu to easily navigate through app
  • Discover new music videos through Facebook-integrated recommendations based on your likes, what your friends are watching
  • Lean back and enjoy continuous music video play, auto-load video and artist browse screens
  • Access videos from your favorite artists through iTunes music library matching
  • Save playlists to the cloud and access anywhere across VEVO
  • Stay updated - click on an artist to view bio, Tweets, tour dates and video catalogue
Sounds good, right? The above enhancements, most notably the new panel-based interface, are more than welcome additions to VEVO HD. But in the process of adding these enhancements to the app, a key function was apparently left out: adding a video to a playlist. Not a few users are up in arms about the absence of this function, and I can’t really blame them for being so. In the previous version of the app, there’s a button labeled “Add to playlist” accompanying each playing video. Now, in the new version, no such button or any variation thereof can be seen while playing a video. But as pointed out by Kilprity in the comments section below, a new + button is included for each video in the Videos section for adding it to a playlist. Elsewhere, though, as in the list of videos for each artist page, no + button is available, And then there’s the app’s hit-and-miss affair with regard to scrolling through videos. So don’t expect to find your favorite Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj video in no time in VEVO HD 2.0. VEVO HD 2.0 is available now in the App Store for free. But update to the new version at your own risk! If you don’t mind holding off using the new features just so you can retain the app’s easy add-to-playlist capability and smooth video list scrolling, perhaps its best to wait for VEVO HD 2.1 instead.

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