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Musician’s Corner: Get Your Pipes Ready With Vocal Warm Up By Musicopolous

Musician’s Corner: Get Your Pipes Ready With Vocal Warm Up By Musicopolous

September 17, 2012
Welcome back to Musician’s Corner, where we explore apps and accessories for the musician inside us all. Last week, we told you about a fantastic new turntable that lets you convert your vinyl records to digital files directly on your iPhone or iPad with no middleman. Today, we are going to turn things over to studying musicians with an app for singers. If you are a professionally trained singer, you know how important vocal warm up exercises are. Not everyone has a pianist on-hand 24/7 for companion music. Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos is perfect for singers who want piano backup without the testy singing coach.

This universal app is intended to be a companion to someone who is already vocally trained. You aren’t going to learn how to sing on key or breath from your diaphragm. However, trained singers will be very familiar with the included exercises. There are four different warm up categories. In the “Short Warm Up,” singers can select from 16 different scales that are specifically designed for the start of the warm up session. You can select as many scales as you want, and reorder them based on your own preferences. “General Warm Up” focuses more on the meat of your training. The exercises are designed to get your voice ready for the harder stuff to come. “Extended Warm Up” is where the serious training begins. The scales are wide-ranging and singers are tasked with pushing their vocal range abilities further. The “Cool Down” exercises are the same as the Short Warm Ups with short scales that are easy on the voice.

Each exercise can be adjusted for tempo and to fit singer’s vocal range. Not only can you choose from bass through soprano, but you can also adjust the low and high notes to fit your range. You may be a soprano that can sing a low “A,” or a baritone who can sing in the key of “G.” Every exercise includes with a summary of what it is used for and how to perform it. There is also a video demonstration to show you each exercise being performed by a musician. If you don’t know what a Lip Trill is, watch the video for reference.

Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos is $4.99. It is a universal app, so you can take your singing coach with you, wherever you go. Well, folks. That’s it for another installment of Musician’s Corner. We hope our songbird readers like Vocal Warm Up. If you have any suggestions for music-related apps or accessories that you’d like to see showcased in Musician’s Corner, send me an email at [email protected] Rock On!

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