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Take Me Out To A 1922 Ball Game With Boomtime Baseball

Take Me Out To A 1922 Ball Game With Boomtime Baseball

September 26, 2012
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Boomtime Baseball (Free) by Distinctive Developments Ltd is a sporting game that uses drag-and-release controls to let you get the homerun you’ve always dreamed of. Go back in time to baseball in the 20s, where records were being broken left and right and the sport was hitting its stride.

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This is not so much a baseball game app as it is a casual touch play game. The only thing players have to do is aim and release. The point is to control your swing so that you hit specific targets.

The basic game has a pitcher and a batter. Players see the action from the view that a catcher would, but control the batter’s swing. To aim where you want the ball to go, tap the blue smudge on the screen and drag your finger downward. An arc will appear and you can move your finger from the left to the right to find the perfect aim.

Once the ball is pitched, players must time their swing perfectly. If you release too soon, it will be a foul ball. If you hold on for too long, it will count as a strike. You may have a successful hit, but if it is not perfectly timed, it will end up as a grounder and you won’t earn any points for it.

To earn points, your ball has to hit a specific target. There are three different types of games. In “Bulls-Eye”, players aim at a target that gets placed in different spots on the field. Sometimes, they are close and in direct line with the batter. Sometimes they are out in left field. The “Accuracy” game is similar, but instead of a bulls-eye, players have to hit a series of boards. In “Home Run Hero,” players try to hit as many home runs as possible. There is also a Multiplayer mode so you can play against your friends through Game Center.

Players earn money for successfully hitting targets that can be used to unlock additional teammates and bats, or to upgrade to a bigger field. If you unlock all of the players available, you’ll unlock the “unbeatable Herman George” as a reward.

There is also a casino game where you can try to win big with chips, or walk away, poorer than you started, with nothing but a stick of gum in your pocket.

If you do lose it all, or you just want to unlock a new playfield and don’t want to wait for it, you can add money through in-app purchases.

This game looks fantastic. The sepia tones and clever commentary make you feel like you are playing ball in the 20s. The games are easy to play, but offer enough challenge to not be boring. While the game is free to download, in-game money comes generously so you don’t feel like you have to spend real cash on in-app purchases. It is a great app for fans of casual tap or flick type games.

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