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Wrangle Nano Animals To Safety With Your Electric Tentacle In This Endless Flyer

Wrangle Nano Animals To Safety With Your Electric Tentacle In This Endless Flyer

September 28, 2012
Electric Tentacle by Chillingo Ltd icon

Electric Tentacle ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a game that's hard to describe because there's simply so much going on while you play. It's got endless flyer, arcade, and platforming elements, all mixed into one game.

The idea is that you've got this cute little group of animals, who have been shrunk down to nano size by evil invaders. The animals need to escape to safety, and to do so, they need your help.

This is an endless game, so the animals will continually move forward. Your job is to control their movements with two electric tentacles, which you use by tapping on either side of the screen.

Tapping on the right side of the screen will propel your animal forwards, while tapping on the left side will send it flying backwards. These controls might sound easy, but it's incredibly tricky to master getting your animal to go where you want with the electric lasso.

Electric Tentacle by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

As you move forwards, you will need to avoid enemy bots, which want to gobble up your nano animals. You can stop the baddies temporarily by tapping when they open their mouths, but otherwise, you will need to keep from running into them.

The goal is to get as far as you can. On the way, you will need to grab other locked up animals and stars, which are the game's currency. Stars are used in the store to buy power ups like shields and magnets.

Electric Tentacle isn't the easiest endless game that I've played, but it does rank as one of the most fun. It's entirely chaotic, which makes it hard to put down. While I play, I'm tapping furiously trying to control my nano animal while keeping an eye on stars and trying to keep enemies at bay. It's crazy, but in a good way.

Electric Tentacle by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

I should also mention the graphics - they look fantastic. I love the level design, and I love the combination of the cute little animals with the organic backgrounds. Electric Tentacle is visually appealing with great color combinations, which enhances its wild gameplay.

This game is from Unit9, the makers of Nano Panda, and it shares a lot of aesthetic similarities with the original title. It's a different kind of game though - an endless flyer instead of a puzzle title. If you enjoyed Nano Panda, or if you're simply looking for a an action-packed casual game that's impossible to put down, check out Electric Tentacle.

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