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Macaulay Culkin May Not Star In This Game, But You'll Still Have Fun With Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin May Not Star In This Game, But You'll Still Have Fun With Home Alone

September 8, 2012
Home Alone by TeamTop3 Inc. icon

Home Alone ($1.99) by TeamTop3 Inc. is a marble shooting game that's similar to other marble shooters like Luxor. The game looks amazing, with great Retina graphics, but unfortunately, it's all style and no substance.

I'm not sure I understand the connection between Zuma and the original Home Alone movie that this game tries to draw in its App Store description, but it's a marble shooter, plain and simple, and an easy one at that.

This game is simply too easy for adult players. I played through most of the game, and at no point did I even have an inkling of a challenge.

You have a robot butler who you can direct to pick up and shoot marbles. Choose a marble, tap it to grab it, and then tap a group of marbles to shoot the marble that you picked up.

Home Alone by TeamTop3 Inc. screenshot

Because you can grab marbles right out of the line, there is never any challenge whatsoever in this game. And no challenge means that the gameplay is downright boring.

In other marble shooters, like Zuma, you're not able to pick your marbles out of the marble line. Instead, you can only shoot, adding the danger of overflowing the lineup. There's also very little aiming in Home Alone - your marbles go right where you tap, making gameplay even easier.

Home Alone by TeamTop3 Inc. screenshot

There are some fun bonuses that you get as you play, such as additional points for shooting extraneous objects or shooting the fireplace, but even these do not serve to make the gameplay better. You will also notice quite a few power ups, such as pause and rewind, which are typical in any marble game.

Home Alone does have impressive, fun to look at graphics, which makes it the perfect game for younger children, but this isn't a game that's suitable for adult players. If you've got kids, it's a good game, but otherwise, I'd take a pass on this overly easy marble shooting game.

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