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HUEBRIX Puts the Puzzle Back In Puzzle Gaming

HUEBRIX Puts the Puzzle Back In Puzzle Gaming

September 6, 2012
HUEBRIX by Yellow Monkey Studios Pvt. Ltd. icon

HUEBRIX ($0.99) by Yellow Monkey Studios Pvt. Ltd. is a colorful puzzle game that will challenge your ability to interpret visual space for problem solving. Drag blocks across a grid to fill it with color but make sure you have enough blocks to cover the area or you’ll be left with a hole and nothing to fill it with.

HUEBRIX by Yellow Monkey Studios Pvt. Ltd. screenshot

Players are presented with a white grid. Inside the grid are one or more colored blocks. The colored blocks have a number assigned to them. The number represents how many blocks there are. To move them from the square, drag your finger from the colored block to an adjacent square on the grid. Move as many blocks across the grid into adjacent squares as possible to fill it with color. If there is more than one color of block, which there almost always is, do the same for the other ones.

There are a few rules for moving the colored blocks. You can only move them into adjacent squares, meaning you can’t skip a square, and you can’t backtrack. Basically, dragging the blocks around is like building a path.

You can’t cross the colors either. If you laid down a blue block in the way of the path you want your red blocks to go, you will have to move the blue block or go around it.

There is only one way to solve each puzzle. It is your job to figure out what that solution is. There are obstacles that make each new puzzle more difficult. Sometimes, squares are grayed out and can’t be filled. Players must find a way around them without missing any white squares or running out of blocks.

Players are timed. Depending on how long it takes to solve a puzzle, you will be awarded either a gold, silver or bronze medal. If you take too long, you won’t receive a medal at all. Whatever.

If you are stuck on a puzzle, you can use a hint. The hint will show you where to place one color of blocks. Players have a limited number of hints, but can purchase more in the store. You can also unlock additional, harder levels through in-app purchases.

If you are feeling particularly smart, you can create your own puzzle with the level editor. You can exchange your newly created puzzles with friends.

This is an interesting and challenging puzzle game. The starter pack is simple enough to draw you in, but difficult enough to make you want more. You’ll be unlocking all level packs in not time. If you are a fan of challenging puzzle games, you’ll enjoy this one.

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