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Quirky App Of The Day: Fantasy Music Box Creates A Dreamy Nostalgia

Quirky App Of The Day: Fantasy Music Box Creates A Dreamy Nostalgia

September 14, 2012
Fantasy Music Box is meant for kids. That doesn't mean that I can't be blown away by it. It just means that I need to take a harder look at my life and my lack of maturity. Actually this app isn't too humiliating for me to admit that I love it. It's gorgeous. Plain and simple. Fantasy Music Box is a sleep aid app for kids. It plays classical music while the characters dance as if they're a part of a giant music box. Forget the sleeping part. I want to watch the beautiful characters. The opening character sequence is charming. My favorite one is a beautiful lady from the Mozart era with a powdered wig and large dress. The music that plays while the spindled machines dress her sounds like a music box in its own right. The machines spray a delicate paint over her for her make up from a fancy bottle. Then, she's ready for the ball. When the character is ready, just tap on the key to begin the dance scene. Depending on which scene you select, there will be a different background and music. Each scene allows for you to tap between night and day. The music will change depending on which one you choose. The free version of this app is admittedly lacking. There's only one scene and one character. In the paid version, there are five scenes and different characters that go with each scene. If the goal of the app is just to have something beautiful for the kids to fall asleep to, then the free version is good enough. However, I'm more enchanted with the artwork than the original purpose of the app. The artwork is astounding. Fantasy Music Box is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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