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Quirky App Of The Day: Track Down Mr. Disguise While He Hides In Plain Sight

Quirky App Of The Day: Track Down Mr. Disguise While He Hides In Plain Sight

September 11, 2012
I happen to be better at losing things than I am at finding them. However, I'm still a fan of Where's Waldo games or anything similar to them. Usually, the hide and seek or hidden object apps are pretty similar and obviously a rip-off of the red stripped hero we know and love. Mr. Disguise is a hidden person app in its own right. The first thing you see when you open the app is an animated sequence. Why am I even mentioning this? It's beautifully done. Remember the opening sequence to "Catch Me If You Can"? It's similar to the movie, but it's got plenty of originality. I was entertained, and the app hadn't even really begun yet. It's the little hints of extra effort that truly set aside a great app from a good one. There's something amiss in London, like the fog and rain being stolen. The horror. Obviously, Mr. Disguise is behind it, and it's your job to find him. Depending on how great you are with clues, you can determine your play level. My intelligence is always in question, so I started at the bottom rung. Tap on any of the colorful characters to receive a clue about Mr. Disguise. When I say "colorful," I mean that there are sailors with scars dressed in drag, an epoch nod to the '70s disco king, and bitter grandmas with iPods. It's like being on the New York City subway. Each time you pick the wrong person, a new clue about his appearance pops up. You gain more points by finding him quickly and with fewer clues. As you play through the levels, you unlock more levels in different areas. Mr. Disguise cannot be held by the mere boundaries of continents. His shenanigans will take you to Japan, Egypt, Mexico, and even a Halloween party. As if the characters weren't entertaining enough to begin with. There are a list of achievements you can accomplish as you go through the game. Not that the game needs anything to help it be more entertaining. Some of them are easy, like playing Mr. Disguise for one hour. Some are more difficult like finding Mr. Disguise in 30 seconds. A word of advice: make sure you slide the screen from side to side. There are more people in all directions than what you can originally see. Mr. Disguise is available in the App Store for the awesome price of $0.99. No hidden fees or contracts.

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