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Top Three New Games Of The Week

Top Three New Games Of The Week

September 14, 2012
Blast it up with a new 3-D physics puzzler, stress your brain with some six-sided madness, and finally get wild in your blood with Gameloft's latest title. We have the best games of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily. Wild Blood: Wild Blood is an immersive action adventure game with a seductive storyline. Gameloft has really stepped it up in Wild Blood, with the incredibly gorgeous graphics and salacious story that will hook you within the first minute. You play as Sir Lancelot, avenging King Arthur, and are responsible for saving everything that ever existed. Scandalous, right? Besides a good storyline, the look and controls are so easy to navigate that it's perfect for the seasoned action-adventurer, or even those who are usually intimidated by these types of titles. Wild Blood is a $6.99 universal download. Super Hexagon: Super Hexagon is a fast paced title with a high addiction factor that's perfect for all you endless junkies out there. Think of a hexagon expanded out into space — as it gets closer the walls start to connect, and you have less and less ways of making it out alive. Use your fast finger skills to quickly navigate the arrows left or right to make your way through the openings. If you make one wrong move, you'll crash into the enclosing walls inevitably leading to your death. They say you should play with headphones if you really want to get into the zone, but it's not essential. It moves so fast, almost too fast, it would be nice if it was a little slower at the beginning, before spinning out of control. The graphics are super simple and smooth, the colors add just the right amount of excitement for the eye, and the music will top off your anxiety. If you're a person that loves fast paced games and are looking to put your hand-eye coordination to the test, this game is for you. It's a $0.99 universal download, but only for a limited time. Game of the Week: Blast-A-Way: If you like puzzle games you're going to love Blast-A-way. It's a new physics puzzler, with gorgeous graphics and challenging gameplay.  This game is all about using bombs in order to solve each puzzle, while gathering the lost Boxies at the same time. There are a variety of bombs, and as soon as you get comfortable with one, a new one comes along to increase the difficulty. Blast-A-Way starts off easy, allowing you to get a feel for the game and the controls, before quickly increasing in difficulty. Blast-A-Way will keep your interest throughout all of the levels, and there are a lot of them. Don't be detered by the $4.99 Universal price, but if you are, try the free version first.

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