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Wild Blood Infuses The King Arthur Legend With Carnage

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Wild Blood ($6.99) by Gameloft combines the awesome graphics of the Unreal Engine with the legendary tale of Sir Lancelot. But this isn’t your medieval literature’s version of Lancelot. This is a kick butt, take charge story, just like Apocalypse Knights.

King Arthur’s gone insane with jealousy. Apparently Lancelot is not only a fighter, but a lover too because he romanced Queen Guinevere when Arthur’s back was turned.

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Arthur makes a dark deal with Morgan Le Fey, who takes things a little too far. Not only does she open the gates of hell to unleash terrible monsters against Lancelot, but she also holds Guinevere hostage.

Now it’s up to Lancelot to set things straight the only way he knows how: hacking and slashing through anything he can to complete his mission. And that’s just what he’ll need to do because he’ll face everything from lowlife zombies to irate dragons, to an enchanted King Arthur.

Lancelot gains help from Sir Gawain and the Knights of the Round Table to weapon and equipment upgrades.

The controls are easy and intuitive. A control stick on the left moves Lancelot. Swiping across the screen changes your viewpoint. The right corner has a button for swinging your sword, one for using a special attack and another for charging and evading. Each of the right buttons unlock gradually as you’re eased into the game.

Wild Blood by Gameloft screenshot

Despite the $6.99 price tag (which is worth it), in-app purchases for gold are still an option (which may be worth it, depending on if you’re inclined or not). This setup isn’t much different than Infinity Blade II.

In a word, the graphics are stunning. Everything from the cutscenes to the details of the background buildings blurs the line between fantasy and reality that you just about forget you’re playing a game.

That, combined with the adrenaline-fueled gameplay, make this an addictive game to be reckoned with.

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Wild Blood Infuses The King Arthur Legend With Carnage

Wild Blood Infuses The King Arthur Legend With Carnage