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Apple Announces iBooks 3.0

Apple Announces iBooks 3.0

October 23, 2012
At today’s special event, Apple announced that iBooks is receiving a major update that adds a few new features that allow users to share their favorite quotes, read without effort, and read books on all devices better than ever. We heard about the iBooks 3.0 rumor a couple of days ago when a developer accidentally included wording in their requirement summary that their book “requires iBooks 3.0 or later.” At the time, we thought it might just have been a typo. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the world about the upcoming free update to iBooks that includes a new reading option with auto-scroll. That means that your book will automatically scroll down the page as you read so you don’t have to touch the screen to get to the bottom of the page.

The new iBooks update is better integrated with iCloud so that you can bookmark your page on an iPad and start reading from where you left off on your iPhone. Probably the best update is social network integration. Uses will now be able to copy quotes from the book they are reading and automatically send them to Facebook or Twitter. The update is free and will be available in the App Store soon.

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