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Apple Leaks iBooks 3.0 Ahead Of 'iPad mini' Launch Event?

Apple Leaks iBooks 3.0 Ahead Of 'iPad mini' Launch Event?

October 21, 2012
There's a chance someone at Apple recently spilled the beans on the upcoming launch of an iBooks 3.0 app, which has the potential to suggest that the fabled "iPad mini" could pack an e-book-consuming punch. Though we can't yet be sure, the accidental mention of "iBooks 3.0" in the App Store could mean an update for Apple's e-book reading application is incoming, that it might launch alongside the iPad mini, and that the purported small-size iPad might be marketed as being more of an e-book-reading device than its larger, heavier counterpart. Here's the leaked iBooks 3.0 mention, via However, this doesn't mean for sure that we'll see iBooks 3.0 launch in the coming days, or weeks. Instead, the mention of iBooks 3.0 leads to one of two explanations. Either someone in the iTunes department made a typo, hitting "3" instead of "2" when listing the iBooks compatibility for the above e-book, or iBooks 3.0 was indeed announced prematurely. As The Next Web explains:
Developers can set certain requirements for their submissions, including hardware bits that are necessary to operate the app, and those are used to generate that section. But they cannot manually alter the text there, as it is generated by iTunes, so that rules out a typo on behalf of the submitting developer. This was definitely generated on Apple’s end of things.
I guess we'll just have to wait for next week before we know for sure. Are you excited about the upcoming iPad mini event? Source: Via: The Next Web

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