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Apple Should Be Rolling Out iOS Version 6.0.1 Within Weeks

October 22, 2012
Just a little more than a month after its initial release, BGR is reporting that Apple is already testing its first update to iOS 6. The new version, iOS 6.0.1, is being examined by carrier partners in the United States and should be rolled out in the coming weeks. According to the site, the update will squash a number of bugs and add some improvements. Fixes include the annoying keyboard flickering bug and an issue where the camera’s flash doesn’t go off when it needs to. Other changes include better Wi-Fi support, fixing a situation where cellular data sometimes didn’t work, adding a consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match, and fixing a bug that allowed Passbook data to be accessed from the lock screen. The update will also fix a bug that causes Exchange meetings to be inadvertently canceled for the entire group of attendees. BGR also says that Apple has only recently begun testing iOS version 6.1. That makes it unlikely that the iPad mini, which is expected to be announced tomorrow, will ship with that version. Released last month, the new version of the OS was quickly adopted, as more than 60 percent of iPhone users were running iOS 6 by the first of October. Even so, a large amount of criticism has been directed to Apple’s new Maps app. Source: BGR

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