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Atari And Zynga Prepare To Launch Super Bunny Breakout

Atari And Zynga Prepare To Launch Super Bunny Breakout

October 5, 2012
After 35 years, Atari's brick-breaking game, Breakout, is still a popular choice for most gamers. Obviously, the gameplay has evolved to include power-ups and unique elements, such as Atari's own Breakout: Boost for iOS. Now, Atari has teamed up with Zynga to expand the game even further by releasing a physics puzzler variation called Super Bunny Breakout. Angered by their actions with unstoppable vengeance. This furry hero is full of adrenaline and willing to destroy anything preventing him from rescuing the tortured souls. In this quirky looking physics puzzler, you'll launch Rodney in Breakout-style gameplay into structures and cages to complete each level. In addition to the screenshots and trailer showing a mix of 3-D and anime graphics, Atari and Zynga list the following highlights:
  • Infiltrate E.A.T. (Evil Animal Testing) Labs in order to break the cages and free all your imprisoned buddies.
  • Unlock 5 handsome playable characters each with their own special super attacks.
  • Unleash unique power-up abilities for each Super Critter including Time Warp, Anti-Gravity abilities and more!
  • Play through 40+ physics-based levels to challenge your brick-breaking, critter-rescuing abilities.
  • Collect or purchase coins to obtain power-ups, food and cosmetic goodies for your crew.
  • Show your friends who’s the bunny boss with Game Center integration for score leaderboards and achievements.
  Sadly, this next bit is one of those Zynga attributes that will likely turn a lot of potential fans away:
As Rodney and his friends bounce around the lab, their energy level decreases. Players can either collect or purchase coins via in-app purchase to feed critters and restore energy levels. Coins can also be used to purchase additional power-ups and cosmetic goods.
Super Bunny Breakout is scheduled to be in the App Store "soon," but no other specific release details have you been unveiled. Until then, check out the screenshots and teaser trailer embedded below. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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