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Beijing's Third Apple Store To Open Later This Month

Beijing's Third Apple Store To Open Later This Month

October 16, 2012
A third Apple Store is set to open in Beijing later this month, on the city's iconic Wangfujing Street. The store is said to be huge, featuring a large glass display and a wide, open space inside. Folks are also claiming that the new Apple Store might be open in time for the launch of the iPhone 5 in China, meaning the launch of the sixth-gen handset should go a lot smoother than that of the iPhone 4S, last year. As M.I.C. Gadget reports:
The new store will be located in the Beijing city center and less than a mile away from the historic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The new store will be larger than the other two stores in Beijing, and it could be a four storey retail store. What’s more, according to the local authorities, the opening of this new Apple store at Wangfujing district is part of the Wangfujing Street’s ambitious expansion plan. And rumors say that the new store may open on the 20th of October, but we can’t confirm this date, as our sources are saying that the store will definitely open later this month.
Below, we've included a gallery of photographs taken of the Apple Store site. As mentioned above, the new store should be open before end of the month - we'll let you know once the new Apple Store opens. [gallery] Source: M.I.C. Gadget

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