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Empty Passbook App? Then Add These Fun, Historic Novelty Passes

Empty Passbook App? Then Add These Fun, Historic Novelty Passes

October 14, 2012
If, like me, your Passbook application is rather on the empty side, consider adding a couple of fun, novelty passes to the application. The folks at Flon Solutions have created a handful of Passbook passes for historic, notable events, which you can add (for free) to the application. Passes include the famous Beatles rooftop concert, the Wimbledon 2008 final, and the 1996 Soccer World Championship. As iDownloadBlog notes, here's a complete list of the novelty passes:
  • Fantastic Voyages — Christopher Columbus, Titanic, Charles Lindbergh, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815
  • Sporting Magic – 2008 Wimbledon final, 1966 Soccer World Championship, “Miracle On Ice,” Frazier-Ali fight
  • Classic Concert tickets – Beatles Rooftop concert, Woodstock, Queen, Roger Waters “The Wall” in Berlin.
  • Eminent Events – theatre the night Lincoln was shot, the Dallas luncheon JFK was going to before he was assassinated.
Recently, WallaBee became the first iOS game to add Passbook support. A bunch of other applications also support the application, too. Though the new service isn't without its share of problems. Enjoy the above passes, and if you have an opinion on Passbook, share it below. Source: Flon Solutions Via: iDownloadBlog

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