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FarFaria Brings The Netflix Concept To Children’s Books

October 9, 2012
If your kids can’t get enough of interesting and fun stories, then definitely take a look at FarFaria. The iPad only app brings the Netflix concept to children’s books. Designed for kids 2-9 years old, the app already has 200 books and is adding new titles at the pace of five per week. Even with the large number of titles, helping your kids to find their perfect book is really easy. All the titles are sorted into 10 different worlds for children to explore like Animal Kingdom, Adventure Island, Fairy Tale Forest, Picture Point, and Looney Lagoon. In each world, the titles can be displayed in alphabetical order, newest titles first, or my favorite – reading level. In general, my daughter and I enjoyed getting the chance to explore some of the titles in the different worlds. While the books don’t contain interactive elements like Rinky Dinky Rhyme Book or Pancake Pandemonium, the stories are engaging and have well-drawn elements on the pages. As an animal fanatic, my daughter really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom. Along with the “Read to Me” function for each title, standout books can be placed into a favorites section for easy access. And as a nice bonus, any title placed in that section can be read with no online access, which is great for long car rides or airplane trips. FarFaria can be downloaded in the App Store now. While the stories look great on the iPad, I think it would definitely be nice to be able to read the stories on the iPhone or iPod touch as well. As a nice trial period, the app is free for the first 30 days. After that, it costs $3.99 per month that will be billed directly through your iTunes account. The subscription can be canceled at any time. While there are similar subscription-based children’s book services in the App Store, I was really pleased with FarFaria. I think the very reasonable monthly price is a winner, and hopefully the service will continue to grow with engaging titles that show kids how much fun it is to read. [gallery link="file"]

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