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Find Your Way Anywhere With Quick Route

October 16, 2012
When Apple replaced Google’s Maps with its own Maps program that was developed in house, iOS users across the world were shocked with some of the quality control issues, mainly the mislabeling of certain areas and the lack of transit routes. It was such a disappointment that Apple CEO Tim Cook went so far as to apologize for the app, promising to make it better, and suggesting that customers use alternative apps in the mean time. If you’ve noticed some of the missing Maps features, you may want to check out the newly released Quick Route, which is a fully featured mapping app with access to bike, transit, walking, and driving directions.

This handy and inexpensive iPhone app allows you to search for addresses or businesses (or anything you can find with Google), and it uses Autoroute to track your location and advance when you complete a step. It’ll even let you know if you’ve gone off course. A pull-to-reroute feature will let you recalculate your position and the time until your destination with a quick touch, and with access to bus schedules, subway times, and bike routes, you can get where you’re going no matter what mode of transportation you’re using.

Just search for your destination, hit route, and head off. Quick Route is fast, hassle free, and easy to use. This app is a must have if you need a solution that’s better than Apple’s Maps. You can get Quick Route from the App Store for just $2.99, which is a great deal.

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