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Get A Kick Out Of Beating Your Friends In Football Showdown

Get A Kick Out Of Beating Your Friends In Football Showdown

October 11, 2012
Game developer Naquatic has had considerable success with Soccer Showdown, Shooting Showdown, and a bunch of other non-Showdown games. But if you've been wondering what's next and what's new from Naquatic, wonder no more. That's because the latest Naquatic release is here, and it happens to be another Showdown game in the form of Football Showdown. Football Showdown has you engaging in a head-to-head kicking showdown against other players. These other players can be your friends or even strangers, since the game supports Game Center's global multiplayer matchmaking. As might be expected, Football Showdown is quite similar to Soccer Showdown. For one thing, like Soccer Showdown, Football Showdown runs on the PhysKick engine, which makes for complete control of your flicking and kicking moves. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Unlike Soccer Showdown, though, Football Showdown features wild winds that can either oppose or assist your kicks. Think of these wild winds as Football Showdown's own version of the electric fans in Paper Toss. Football Showdown offers three game modes, namely, Season, Playoff, and Exhibition. It also offers lots of unlockable balls and upgrades as well as rewards for completing achievements. Designed with Retina graphics for both iPhone and iPad, and already optimized for iPhone 5, Football Showdown is available now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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