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Handmade Highlights: Tired Of White? Pick Up One Of These Custom iPhone Chargers

Handmade Highlights: Tired Of White? Pick Up One Of These Custom iPhone Chargers

October 16, 2012
My last Handmade Highlights segment focused on some fantastic sleeves for your new iPhone 5, and this week, I’ve got something a bit different for you. Apple’s crisp white iPhone chargers and cables may be sleek and unobtrusive, but they’re also boring. One Etsy seller aims to change that, with custom designed chargers for the iPhone 4S and earlier, the iPad, and the iPod touch. Lou Anne Castillo, of LunatixGraffiti, makes these awesome chargers in a wide range of patterns and designs. You can get a set like this glow in the dark version, which comes with a USB cable, a car charger adapter, and a wall adapter.

This glow in the dark charger looks ultra cool, but it’s functional too. You’ll be able to hook up your phone in a dark bedroom with no problem. Check out this stylish blue set:

There’s even a set for couples, featuring a ridiculously adorable set of birds with matching blue and pink chargers. Is this not the cutest techie gift ever? And it’s just $39.99 too.

While this seller does not have lightning cables for the iPhone 5, you can use the sets with your own lightning cable. Normal sets are priced at $24.99, but cable free sets for the iPhone 5 can be snapped up at the low price of $17.99. These would make a great present for your favorite Apple lover, but they’re also fun to buy for yourself too.

What do you think? Is it worth the extra cash to have a fancy charger? Want even more Handmade Highlights? Make sure to check out my past posts. As always, if you have a suggestion for a future edition of HH, make sure to get in touch via email or Twitter.

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