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Integrate Facebook, Google Chats Directly Into iOS

Integrate Facebook, Google Chats Directly Into iOS

October 3, 2012
A jailbreak "app" called QuickIM allows users to send Facebook and Google IMs from anywhere in iOS. Once downloaded and installed, a new application icon will be added to the Home screen. Here, users can add accounts, view conversations, and more. However, most importantly, much like biteSMS this jailbreak messaging application allows users to "quick reply" to incoming messages from anywhere on their iPhone. It's a handy feature, and makes messaging using QuickIM an easy, painless process. There are some issues, though, with the jailbreak tweak. As iDownloadBlog reports:
One major flaw, a potential game breaking problem for many security conscious users, is the fact that it forces you to login to Google directly from within the app’s interface. There is no web auth view for Google logins. On the other hand, Facebook does feature a more secure web auth login.
If you're interested in taking QuickIM for a spin, visit the Cydia Store now. QuickIM is available for free via the BigBoss repository. Source: iDownloadBlog

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