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Jasmine Returns To App Store With Some YouTube Requested Changes

Jasmine Returns To App Store With Some YouTube Requested Changes

October 26, 2012
That was quick! Jasmine, the popular YouTube alternative app for iOS devices is back in the App Store. After a "crash-on-launch" issue affected version 1.0.2, it was temporarily pulled. Now the app is back as version 1.0.3. Unfortunately, the new update takes away some key features. According to an official announcement in Jasmine, the app has removed automatic "background audio" playback, which is native to iOS. However, this can still be invoked manually by double-tapping the home button, swiping right, and hitting play. In addition, Jasmine no longer has customizable skip/rewind controls. The app has also switched to YouTube compliant Web view playback, which adds 1-2 seconds to video load times. Each of these changes were requested by YouTube/Google Inc. All is not lost, however. Jasmine 1.0.3 also includes the following new features:
Critical Fix: Crash on launch on some iPad installations Drastic improvements to available videos Added "Preferred Quality" selection to Playback Settings Added "Watch Later" list in Playlists section Added timestamp to videos Fixed: Missing videos from playlists
Released earlier this month, the free app recently received a glowing review from Christine Chan, who called it a “great choice for video consumption.” Jasmine 1.0.3 is available now in the App Store and as an update.  

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