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More Zombie Carnage Awaits In New, iPhone 5-Optimized Version Of Zombie Swipeout

More Zombie Carnage Awaits In New, iPhone 5-Optimized Version Of Zombie Swipeout

October 5, 2012
It's not easy being undead, especially if you're one of the undead in the newly updated Zombie Swipeout. Zombie Swipeout is the sort of sequel of the hit comedic castle defense game ZombieSmash. Having been acquired by Zynga, ZombieSmash creator GameDoctors released Zombie Swipeout last May as what seems to be Zynga's answer to Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja. Indeed, Zombie Swipeout looks like a cross between ZombieSmash and the popular fruit-slicing game. Of course, instead of different types of fruit, zombies in various levels of disintegration are what you're required to swipe into oblivion in Zombie Swipeout. Oh, and you can also swipe coins to collect them and use them in purchasing special weapons and power-ups in the in-game store. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In fact, the new version of Zombie Swipeout introduces new super coins with multiple values. Also introduced are five new chests for you to unlock. And you will definitely want to unlock them since one of them contains the almighty chainsaw. Now optimized for the four-inch screen of the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch, Zombie Swipeout is available in the App Store for $0.99. A free, ad-supported version of the game is also available. The updated game also promises more gameplay variety. As well, it features a new weekly tournament, in which you can maintain a public profile and swipe your way toward zombie supremacy. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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