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Musician’s Corner: Hands-On Review Of Logitech UE Boombox

Musician’s Corner: Hands-On Review Of Logitech UE Boombox

October 8, 2012
Welcome back to the Musician’s Corner, where we focus on apps and accessories for musicians and music lovers. Last week, we went hands-on with the diminutive, but powerful Logitech UE Mobile Boombox. The tiny speaker won me over at first listen. Today, we are going just a little bit bigger with the regular-sized Boombox from the same company. I have to admit that I’m starting to warm up to digital music. I’m still never going to buy a CD for myself again unless it is unavailable in any other format. However, I’m really enjoying the mobility of Logitech|UE’s speakers. The near pocket sized mini speaker that I told you about last week has gone with me everywhere. I love being able to throw it in my bag and head out for a hike without feeling weighed down. While the Mobile Boombox is convenient for its size, it doesn’t pack the full punch that is important in large spaces. That is where the Logitech UE Boombox comes in. If you are looking for a portable speaker that you can carry in one hand, but still want the quality that comes from a stand-alone stereo, the Boombox is a powerful unit. It is loud enough to overpower large rooms without suffering distortion. It is portable enough to go in your suitcase without taking up any more space than a couple of hardcover books would, which you don’t need anymore since you have an iPhone or iPad now.

The device is about about 18 inches in length and slightly thicker than the width of an iPhone (about 3 inches). The base is protected with a soft silicone material that won’t get scuffed up and stays in place, even if you rest it on the hood of your car (Don’t do that, though. I don’t want to get in trouble if you forget and drive away with your Boombox on the hood of your car). It has a sleekly sculpted aluminum handle on top to make carrying around a simple task. The stylish grate wraps around both sides of the device and the eight (yes, eight) custom-tuned drivers blare out of the front and back, giving a nice surround sound quality. The overall design is minimalist and classic. It definitely reminds me of Apple’s clean, simple design preference.

This one DOES go to 11. I played a variety of music through the Boombox and every genre I tested performed beautifully. The mellow pop sounds of Francois Hardy filled my room, while the driving distortion of Motorhead didn’t affect the quality of the sound. Even bass-heavy DMX at full volume sounded just as clear as when it was turned down to an inside volume. When turned up to full volume, it will definitely fill a large room. If you are having a party with 100 people in a rented hall, set the Boombox on a table in the middle and it will send music throughout the entire room. The two subwoofers, two tweeters and four passive radiators add the kind of depth you don’t usually hear in mobile speakers.

The Boombox connects to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or what every other Bluetooth-enabled device you have. Set up is simple. You can add up to eight other devices to this one speaker. Just like the Mobile Boombox, you can switch between devices by pausing the song on one and hitting the play button on the other. I did a side-by-side comparison of the Mobile Boombox and the Boombox. Obviously, the latter was louder, but what was most impressive is how much better the sound quality is. The Boombox does not suffer from the same, muffled sound that the Mobile Boombox does. I guess that is what the eight drivers are for. I also noticed that the Boombox is more responsive. I flipped from one speaker to the other over and over again. The Mobile Boombox needed about a half second to catch up (typical of Bluetooth devices), while the Boombox reacted immediately to my command.

The Boombox is a great mobile speaker for taking to pool parties or setting up in a new house while you are painting. The six-plus hour battery life makes it possible for you to take it far from electrical outlets for extended play. It is also loud enough to be used as in-between music at small clubs or house shows. If you're a band playing at a local coffeehouse and you don’t like the establishment’s music selection, you can play your own tunes through the Boombox and it will be heard all the way into the bathroom. You can even offer audience members the opportunity to share their favorite music by connecting to the device.

The retail price of the Boombox is $250. It may seem like a hefty price tag for a mobile speaker, but you will not find a quality of sound this good in anything less expensive. In my opinion, it is a pretty low price for what you get. You can order it today from the company’s website with free shipping. Thanks for reading another installment of Musician’s Corner. If you are in the market for a good quality speaker you can use at house shows and backyard barbeques, the Boombox has the best sound for the portability. Keep an eye out in the future for a comparison review of this speaker with other well-known portable speakers. Send me an email at [email protected] with any suggestions for apps, accessories, or whatever you think musicians and music lovers would be interested in.

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