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Puzzling MacHeist 4 Saga Adds Mission 3 And NanoMission 4

The MacHeist 4 saga is continuing with two new missions. Mission 3 and nanoMission 4 have recently hit the App Store. Both are filled with tons of puzzles that are big-time brain teasers. I spent a few minutes playing both the full mission and nanoMission, and definitely had to think about how to solve the different types of puzzles. And along with giving your brain a workout, you can also get the chance to win some free Mac software. After completing Mission 3, users can claim a free copy of Wikit, which allows users to read artists’ biographies and trivia about songs while they play in iTunes. After finishing the nanoMission, you’ll be able to download Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa for the Mac. There are separate versions of the apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. If you'd like the iPad missions, you can download Mission 3 and nanoMission 4 for free in the App Store. The free iPhone missions can be found here and here in the App Store. There are also free versions of the missions available to download for Mac OS X on MacHeist’s site. Unfortunately, neither mission is optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger 4-inch display but does look nice on the iPad. If you’re looking for other fun puzzle games take a look at our AppList.
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