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Do You Have What It Takes To Solve The Mysteries Of London? Find Out In Mirrors Of Albion HD

Do You Have What It Takes To Solve The Mysteries Of London? Find Out In Mirrors Of Albion HD

October 29, 2012
Mirrors of Albion HD by Game Insight, LLC icon

Mirrors of Albion HD (Free) by Game Insight, LLC is a new hidden-object game that combines Sherlock Holmes detective work with a captivating fantasy like Alice in Wonderland. If you're a fan of this game genre, then you will like to have Mirrors of Albion HD in your collection.

First off, the game features some pretty stunning drawings and visuals. I was pleasantly surprised at how well done it is. It also features a charming soundtrack to help get you immersed into the story. Oh, and did I mention that there's a talking cat? Well, you can't hear it talk, but you can read what the cat says. And who can really resist a cat dressed up as a detective and named Cheshire, Jr.?

Mirrors of Albion HD by Game Insight, LLC screenshot

The story takes place in a Victorian-esque London, which has plenty of suspense and crime. You find out that Alice has gone missing, so it’s your job to solve the case through clues, puzzles, and other objectives. Eventually, you will foil the evil plans of the “Red Queen.” They weren’t kidding when they said it’s fantasy like Alice in Wonderland, were they.

Cheshire Jr. will help you in the beginning by showing you the ropes. Basically, you will navigate around the city map, and various buildings will become accessible to you as you level up and make progress through the story. The game will feature various quests and objectives, which you can access by tapping on the Quest button when there’s an exclamation mark on it. Accepting these will move the map to focus on the specific building you need to investigate.

Each investigation will require you to find specific items in the environment, which can be a bit tricky. Players will need to be extremely observant, as some of these items will blend in with the surroundings, or are ridiculously small and will take some time to find. Some will also be in places you don’t expect them to be. The game also likes to spice things up, since some levels will require you to look for certain objects based on their shape, rather than being spelled out for you. You can use hints to find the next object, though you are limited on these power-ups.

Finding all of the items for a quest will earn you experience, energy (required to investigate), and any quest item rewards. You also get stars based on how fast you are able to find everything — if you find multiple items in a row, you get a point multiplier for a short time as well. Items you find will be in “collections,” which you can use to turn the pieces in for an even bigger clue. There are a total of 52 collections.

Mirrors of Albion HD by Game Insight, LLC screenshot

You will earn gold as you play, which is the main currency. However, since this is a freemium game, there is also a “premium” in-game currency, which are blue crystals. These can be earned occasionally throughout the game, but of course, you can buy them through in-app purchases, which the game will try to make you do, since the items you can buy with the crystals are quite costly. Items like keys, energy replenishers, and more will all cost you either gold or crystals, so you’d better save up.

I’m not usually a fan of these types of games, but I have actually been enjoying Mirrors of Albion HD during my time with it. I doubt I will be putting any real money into the game, but it’s pretty engaging even if you don’t.

If you like hidden-object or puzzle games, then you will enjoy Mirrors of Albion HD. Give it a try in the App Store for your iPad for free.

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