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Stack Factory Isn't Just Another Factory

Stack Factory Isn't Just Another Factory

October 22, 2012
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Stack Factory ($1.99) by Code Medicine is an action puzzle game that will surprise you with the frantic color-matching frenzy that is found inside.

I know we have all played match-three puzzle games before. They’re easy, they’re fun, and they are incredibly addictive — for a while anyway. The iOS platform is also the perfect way to play puzzle games as well, so it all fits.

Stack Factory by Code Medicine screenshot

However, Stack Factory is a bit different. It involves matching, but players can match at least two, rather than three. The concept is still the same though. It’s also powered by Unity, so all game elements are in 3-D, whether you like it or not. I did experience some choppy lag at times, so I believe it needs a bit more optimization.

There are three game modes: Shuffle, Touch, and Puzzle. In Shuffle, blocks will drop from the top and you must tilt your device to move the boxes and match like-colored ones in groups of at least two or more. Matched boxes will disappear from the screen and you earn points. It is rather difficult to get more than two to touch before they disappear, so don’t worry about that in Shuffle mode. Touch is the same, except you can let the boxes group up first, and then double tap on them to clear them from the screen. Puzzle mode requires you to clear out the blue blocks and leave only the green ones on the ledges. It’s challenging because you have to make sure everything is in balance, while removing the unwanted blocks.

Both Shuffle and Touch feature Challenge and Survival modes. The Challenge will feature a set speed and a target score for you to reach before you clear it. Survival will just increase the speed rapidly, and you must get as many points as you can.

Stack Factory by Code Medicine screenshot

The game is mostly about tilting your device, but Puzzle mode requires you to flick blocks away with your finger. Overall, the controls are simple.

I’m enjoying the gameplay, but I found some other things I don’t really like. The biggest is the time for the game to animate between menus and restarting levels — it’s just too slow for my liking. The game is also a bit glitchy, because I had an instance where the music wasn’t playing and I was also presented with a blank puzzle that I previously cleared.

The game concept is fun, and pretty addictive with the frantic action, but I think it still needs more polish.

If you can look past the small flaws, then Stack Factory is still worth a try. You can get it for $1.99 in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad.

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