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See How Eating Right Can Help You Thryve

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Thryve (Free) by Thryve wants to be your “mobile food coach.”

In this digital age, it’s really nice to constantly see apps that help us with our well being. Technology is a good thing, especially when put to use in ways that benefit us, as people. And one of the biggest areas that tech can help us in is our health, specifically food intake. It’s quite a difficult thing to do, but apps can make it easier to manage.

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With Thryve, you will first need to create an account or sign in. When creating your account, it will ask you for your name, email, and password. Some more information will be needed though, to make the experience unique to you. Thryve will ask you for your gender, how active you are, and your birth year. All of this can be edited later, if necessary.

Thryve will help you keep track of your meals, and exactly how they affect you. Simply tap on the “New Meal” button, and take a photo of what you’re eating. The next step involves giving it a name, and then you are prompted to list out the ingredients, which will be color coded by food group.

Once you have the ingredients listed, Thryve will ask you for an average portion of each ingredient on a pie chart, which you can modify by moving the slider for said ingredient. Then you are given a score for your meal, and Thryve will recommend eating certain types of food for boosting that score.

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As you continue to use Thryve, you are able to see a bar graph of how much you have eaten for each food group, and a separate bar for each appears with the average recommendation from Thryve, depending on the data you input.

Each meal is timestamped, and Thryve will eventually send you a notification to ask you how you feel after your meal. This functionality reminds me of the Jawbone UP, which didn't really do much for me. It is nice to see how certain foods affect you, though, so others may find it more appealing.

If you're looking for calorie counters, this app is not for you. It is more of an app for tracking what you eat each day, how it affects you, and what types of foods you should eat more of. It seems a bit like a novelty, but it can definitely be a step in the right direction for many.

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See How Eating Right Can Help You Thryve

See How Eating Right Can Help You Thryve