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Best iPad calorie counter

Keeping track of your diet and calories can be tricky sometimes. The iPad can be a great tool to stay on top of your diet. This AppGuide will help guide you through some of the best ones.

Essential Apps

Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD

by MyNetDiary Inc.

This pricey, but incredibly feature-rich app allows you to track just about every aspect of your health. Far more than a food diary, you get a diet planner, recipes, and detailed nutrition database. Track your exercise, body measurement, blood pressure, sleep, daily steps, water intake, vitamins/medications, and more. You get access to an online community supported by a registered dietician. Your health journal gets synced between your iPad, computer, and even your iPhone if you wish.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


This simplistic app makes calorie counting fast and easy. Its food database is one of the largest out there with just over two million entries. It even comes with a barcode scanner so that you can easily find foods while you're preparing them. The recipe calculator is a unique feature that allows you to enter your own recipes to calculate the nutritional contents. Aside from being a calorie counter, this app also includes a database of exercises, a goals tracker, reports, and a way to connect with friends. Don't forget to visit the website to sync and backup your data for free!

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

by FitNow

Lose It! was also listed as one of the best calorie counting apps on our iPhone AppGuide. Guess what? It's also one of the best apps offered in this category for the iPad. The user interface is simple, stunning, and flows effortlessly. Choose from the foods already in the database, add your own food, or add your own recipe. If you get tired of typing in the food names, simply select the barcode scanner and scan your snack (assuming it has a barcode).

Notable Apps

Calorie Counter by FatSecret for iPad

by FatSecret

This free food diary has some nice extra features. In addition to a large nutrition database of both restaurant and grocery store foods, you get a manual barcode input, exercise diary, and weight tracker. Sync your information online for access anywhere.

Decent Apps

CalorieKing Food Search

by CalorieKing

This app doesn't technically keep track of your calories, but if you're looking for a fast way to check calories then look no more. The CalorieKing Food Database is deemed America's most reliable and contains over 70,000 foods. It even includes over 200 fast food chains and restaurants. In addition to providing you with calorie information, it also lists specific details such as the amounts of protein, fiber, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and alcohol in each food item.

Cravings - Meet daily calorie goal, control cravings, lose weight and make healthy food choices.

by Nilanjan Sengupta

Cravings is another calorie counting app that does its job with an additional goal of helping you keep your cravings at bay. While it isn't one of the prettiest apps in this category, it does what it is supposed to do.


by sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC.

This free app is actually like three apps in one: a nutrition database, a food tracker to record your daily meals, and a restaurant locator. Track not only calories, but also proteins, carbs, and fats. The nutrition database is powered by CalorieKing, and it includes nutrition information from all the major restaurant chains as well as most foods found in grocery stores.

Diet & Fitness Tracker for iPad - SparkPeople

by SparkPeople, Inc.

Users of the popular website will definitely want to download this app on their iPad. If you’ve never visited the site, you can register and get a free account for maximum customization, or simply use this app without it. You get a food, calorie, exercise, and weight tracker. You can even have daily meal plans customized to your goals if you like.

Other Apps
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