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Grab Your Board And Hit The Pool For True Skate Fun

Grab Your Board And Hit The Pool For True Skate Fun

October 18, 2012
True Skate by True Axis icon

True Skate ($1.99) by True Axis is a universal game for finger skaters. If you have ever heard of a fingerboard or played with one of those miniature skateboards from Tech Deck, you’ll “kick flip” for this curb grinding game.

True Skate by True Axis screenshot

Players are given free range of a virtual skate park where they can practice their sweet jumps without “the Man” hassling them. To move your board, swipe the screen as if you where using your foot (or finger) to push along the ground. Turn the board by touching it on the right or left side while it is moving.

Players can also perform tricks and jumps with their fingerboard. To get air with your board, tap the back end. If you tap the front end, swipe across the middle, or tap the side of the board while in mid-air, you’ll be able to execute some shredding tricks, like heelflips, kickflips, ollies and more.

Jump onto one of the handrails for a tasty rail slide or hold down on the front of the board for a nose grind. These are just some of the tricks you'll be performing as you rise to stardom on your fingerboard.

The game includes a dozen or so missions to give you a reason to play. For example, in the “Three Tricks” mission, players must follow a shadow board and perform the same tricks in order to earn points. Players don’t compete against anyone, but successfully completing tricks unlocks achievements.

This may be a casual game, but for skateboard fans it is so realistic it is almost as fun as the real thing. The best part is that you don’t leave the skate park with bruises and road rash.

If you are a fan of fingerboards or just love skateboarding, you’ll enjoy this game. It is a little overpriced, but skateboarders will consider it worth the money. It would be nice to include the option to play songs from your device’s music library, but at least you are not subjected to someone else’s idea of what skater music is.

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