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Quirky App Of The Day: 40 Snakes And 40 Nights Of Nostalgia

Quirky App Of The Day: 40 Snakes And 40 Nights Of Nostalgia

October 4, 2012
Who could forget Snake? For those of you who are under the age of 20, it's story time. Once upon a time, games were rather limited on cell phones. We entertained ourselves with a little black line that grew as it ate other little black dots. We grew up with developers that made much more entertaining games while clinging to our nostalgia of wasting hours chasing little black dots. The end. The 40 Snakes app is 40 different variations of the old snake game. Some Snake games that I played wouldn't let you go through the walls. It killed you. With 40 Snakes, you can choose to play the classic version that lets you go through walls, or you can play a little more hardcore and solidify those walls. There are also games where the apple turns to stone. I could go on and on about the different little variations, but that would be a list of 40 different things. I'll spare you those gritty details. Controlling the snake is as easy as flicking your finger across your touch screen. It was easy to control the game. I ended up playing with my thumb on the bottom right corner, and I happily watched the snake do his thing while I put minimal effort into moving my thumb. I did find a glitch in the game. Each level comes with a mission. The mission can be something simple like eating 10 apples in classic mode. Completing the mission earns you golden apples. The more difficult the mission, the more golden apples you earn. However, my apples weren't being added to my stash. The problem with the golden apples not appearing in your stash is that you can't unlock more levels without these golden apples. The more missions you complete, the more levels you can unlock. Unless your golden apples don't show up. Then, you're stuck. I would be ranting and shaking my fist more vehemently if this were a paid game. I paid for it, and I want all the levels, darn it. However, it's a free game that has tons of mini games in it. I'll let the glitch slide for now. It would be awesome if it was fixed in the update. The 40 Snakes app is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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