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Quirky App Of The Day: Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab Teaches Science While You Play

Quirky App Of The Day: Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab Teaches Science While You Play

October 1, 2012
Normally, kid apps don't fall under my particular expertise. Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab is so weird that I'm going to claim it as my own to review. Not only is there a mad scientist, but there's a large pink guinea pig and a skink. I don't know what a skink is. She's blue and has a tail. Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab is an app to teach kids about science principles in a fun and interactive way. The first appisode is about the Mad Scientist's Bike Race. Dr. Greenie's bike was stolen by the skink. First, she hid all the pieces of the bike around the lab. The appisode actually stops and inserts a game so that kids can hunt for the bike pieces and put them back together. You can keep playing to try to achieve a better high score. Once you're done playing, you can go back to the rest of the appisode. The skink has also stolen Dr. Greenie's greeniegooeyrubberydoodle stuff. That's how it's spelled in the App store. I promise. With proper adult supervision, kids can make their own gooey stuff with the recipe provided in the app. Once Dr. Greenie and GP (the pink guinea pig that helps Dr. Greenie) put the bike together, it's off to the race. Unfortunately, while GP was test driving the bike, the Skink stole the brakes. Tough luck, huh? So, he has to bike in the race. You power up GP's fuel by picking up food. You can also give him a "fart boost." I wish I was kidding, but that's what it's called.  Pick up the cans of beans for a boost. You race until you run out of fuel. After looking around a bit on the Internet, it seems that Dr. Greenie comes from the website Planet Echo. If you want to watch some more episodes online, you can check out the link. It seems that the developer plans on adding more appisodes through updates. Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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