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Worried About Scratches And Dings On Your iPhone 5? Wrapsol's ULTRA XTREME Screen Protector Is Here

Worried About Scratches And Dings On Your iPhone 5? Wrapsol's ULTRA XTREME Screen Protector Is Here

October 16, 2012
Is your black iPhone 5 getting scratched? Are you worried about future dings? Consider Wrapsol’s ULTRA XTREME screen protector. Made of polyurethane, the screen protector is made to protect your investment from possible impacts, scratches, and accidental dings and scrapes. Best of all, because it is transparent, the ULTRA XTREME preserves the iPhone 5’s display, form factor, and performance quality. Features include:
  • High-strength film withstands impacts and scratches
  • Made in USA from advanced polyurethane
  • 100% dry application for safety and convenience
  • Active Air Release technology clears air bubbles for the perfect finish
  • Application Handles for easy, fingerprint-free alignment
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Available as a screen-only or complete front and back wrap
  • MSRP: $14.95 - screen-only; $29.95 - complete front and back wrap
According to Igor Muravyov, Wrapsol’s chief marketing officer:
Wrapsol ULTRA XTREME is a perfect solution for customers who want to protect their devices without sacrificing Apple’s unique design elements. We manufacture all of our products at our Boston-area headquarters, thereby eliminating lengthy onto-store-shelves transit times and allowing our customers to begin enjoying their new iPhones worry-free, the minute they buy them.
Take a look:

Many consumers have complained that the iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum housing has led to scrapes and nicks, especially on the black model. Because of this, Apple has slowed down production in order to correct the problem on future units. For more information on "scuffgate," see Dom Esposito's post on the subject.

The ULTRA XTREME is available for $14.95 for screen-only and $29.95 for a complete front and back wrap solution.

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