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Adobe Reader Shuns iCloud In Favor Of For New Cloud Storage Integration

Adobe Reader Shuns iCloud In Favor Of For New Cloud Storage Integration

November 7, 2012
Adobe Reader for iOS has been available for over a year now. But since its launch in the App Store, it has gotten a mere five updates. Don't get me wrong; I am in no way belittling Adobe for the apparent underdevelopment of the app. On the contrary, I want to point out that even as there are only five of them so far, the majority of these updates have been quite substantial. The latest one, which arrived just a few hours ago, is representative of this. The latest update to the universal Adobe Reader app delivers a number of improvements. The most significant among these is arguably the integration of cloud-based file storage with With this newly added integration, you can now have your PDF documents saved and synced across your devices, including your computers, over This is a nice step for Adobe Reader in its move toward the cloud. But I think it's also nice to have the option to go with iCloud instead of Perhaps an upcoming update will introduce this option. In addition to cloud storage integration, the following improvements are included in the new version of Adobe Reader for iOS.
  • Fill out and submit online forms from Adobe FormsCentral
  • Calculations using Form Field Hierarchies
  • Select and mark up vertical and Asian text
  • View rights managed documents with dynamic watermarks
  • Print comments and forms via AirPrint
  • Less obtrusive page number indicator
  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatibility
The new version of the by-no-means-underdeveloped Adobe Reader is available now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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