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CallBar Jailbreak Tweak Updated: Adds New Features, Plus iOS 6 Support

CallBar Jailbreak Tweak Updated: Adds New Features, Plus iOS 6 Support

November 17, 2012
CallBar, a jailbreak tweak we love here at AppAdvice, has just been updated to 2.0. Now, CallBar is fully compatible with iOS 6, and takes advantage of the software update's "Reply with Message" and "Remind Me Later" hangup options. Plus, a couple of new features and improvements have also been made to the jailbreak tweak. As we explained back in May, here's what you can expect from CallBar:
With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple did away with the annoying pop-up box for notifications. Thanks to Notification Center, notifications are no longer intrusive and no longer require immediate attention. However, incoming calls still commandeer your screen. With CallBar, incoming calls will now be presented in a banner at the top of your screen, leaving you to continue using your phone whether you decide to answer the call or not.
Now, however, the jailbreak tweak has received a bunch of new features in version 2.0, including:
  • iOS 6 support
  • Integrated iOS 6's “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later” hangup options. Tap the phone or FaceTime icon on the incoming call banner to view options menu
  • iOS 6 “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later” options available for iOS 5 users too.Ability to define reply messages for when hanging up a call in Settings.
  • Call-back options scrollview added to lock screen.
  • Dismiss view on lock screen changed to table cell
  • Added option to use CallBar for all outgoing calls, including phone numbers on pages, dial commands from Siri and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Improved visual representation of remote calling party
  • Added tap to answer. Swiping right on incoming call banner still answers.
  • Added color options for extras views and the keypad in Settings
  • Improved minimized view
  • Improved show/hide animations
  • No longer rings after the call has been dismissed once
  • Adjusted the label’s width to fit the screen and display more text if needed.
  • Improved tap handling on banner with excellent precision
  • Removed buttons for incoming call banners
  • Drastically improved all UI, buttons, backgrounds, labels, etc.
  • Removed Skype and Viber handling
  • Added DTMF commands handling to Dialer (e.g. *#06#)
  • Dialer can initiate Facetime calls to emails from Recents or Favorites
  • Dialer can handle calls initiated by Bluetooth headset
  • Added localization for 19 languages
Currently, CallBar is available to download in the Cydia Store for $3.99, via the BigBoss repository. For more information on version 2.0 of the jailbreak tweak, check out our video walkthrough below.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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