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Jawbone Recommits To UP As Second Generation Wristband Launches

Jawbone Recommits To UP As Second Generation Wristband Launches

November 13, 2012
One of the more promising iPhone accessories of 2011 is back. UP, the fitness- and sleep-tracking wristband accessory by Jawbone, is once again on sale. Whether it is any better than the first version remains to be seen. When UP arrived, I was one of its biggest proponents. For $99, Jawbone promised a fun and easy way for me to track my exercise, eating habits, and the hours that I slept each day. My UP wristband worked perfectly, until it didn't. And I wasn't the only one with problems. It soon became clear that UP 1.0 wasn’t really ready for prime time. Eventually, Jawbone pulled it from the market and offered disgruntled customers a free replacement or full refund. In my case, I received both. When my first UP died, I wanted a replacement, not the refund. For seven days, Jawbone support provided me with steps that they hoped would bring my wristband back to life. When the troubleshooting became exhausting and didn't work, I asked for a refund instead. Even then, Jawbone support wanted to retain my business. As such, I received a full refund and also a new UP in the mail. Regrettably, my second UP was no better than the first since it wouldn't work with my iPhone 5. However, a significant refresh of the free UP app seems to have changed this. My first-generation UP is now working, although I unexpectedly will soon be receiving an UP 2.0 in the mail. As I was completing this article, Jawbone send me an email indicating that a free UP 2.0 was on its way. It came with this message:
We've worked hard this past year to make improvements to the band and the app that create a better overall experience and generate more meaningful insights about your daily activities. In appreciation of your loyalty, feedback, and continued use, we would like to thank you with a complimentary UP.
This is a nice touch and I can't wait until my new UP arrives. When it does, I'll certain let you know how it works. In the meantime, I encourage UP 1.0 owners to download the new app and see if that makes a difference. Hopefully, you too will be receiving a commentary UP 2.0 very soon. Please note: My receiving a complementary UP was NOT the result of being a member of the press. This was based solely on my purchase of the original UP in November 2011.

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