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Join The ThanksGivit Contest And You Might Just Be Thankful For A New iPad mini

Join The ThanksGivit Contest And You Might Just Be Thankful For A New iPad mini

November 22, 2012
We all know about Thanksgiving, which is actually being celebrated today. But have you heard about ThanksGivit? ThanksGivit is the contest currently being held by the makers of video sharing app Givit. Essentially, the contest encourages entrants to answer the question "What are you thankful for?" through a video shot with Givit. Updated just last week with several new features, Givit is a free iPhone app that lets you highlight videos. That is, it lets you highlight significant parts in videos, which it combines into a single video. You can then share this resulting video via Facebook, YouTube, or email. And through ThanksGivit, you can win an iPad mini just by showing what you're thankful for with Givit. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. That's right: a brand new iPad mini can be yours after you shoot and share a video of your family, your friends, your pets, your hobbies, or even your iDevices — anything that makes you grateful for what you have. Just follow these steps to enter ThanksGivit:
  1. Create a fun video with the Givit iOS app that shows off what you're most thankful for, making sure your video includes the following elements: between 15 and 90 seconds long and at least one effect (either a Motion Effect, Transition and/or Music)
  2. Share your highlighted video masterpiece through the Givit app, via private email, with Givit at [email protected] (be sure to include your name, email address and either a Facebook or Twitter account for us to reach you at if you win).
  3. Finally, as a last step, either "Like" the Givit page on Facebook: OR Follow us on Twitter:
ThanksGivit has been running since Nov. 12. But you still have a couple of weeks to join since the contest is going to run until Dec. 7. You can read the official contest rules here and see some sample contest videos here. Good luck and happy ThanksGivit!

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