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Qantas Confirms: Passbook Support Incoming For Airline Boarding Passes

November 28, 2012
The Australian airline Qantas has recently announced that Passbook support for boarding passes is now available. First reported by Australian Business Traveller on Tuesday, the news means that Qantas customers can take advantage of an "Add to Passbook" button when they receive digital boarding passes. As such, passes can be stored within the Passbook application, and scanned upon arrival at the departure airport. [caption id="attachment_360235" align="aligncenter" width="467"] Qantas Passbook passes[/caption] Passes change color depending on the user's frequent flyer status, and multiple passes can easily be stored on a single iPhone. However, this isn't all Qantas has in store for for its iPhone-equipped customers. As Australian Business Traveller notes:
A Qantas spokesperson says the airline is "working on further developments to the app which will enable live updates to the boarding passes. We expect that this extension will be in place by late January 2013."
Passbook is really taking off, don't you think? Source: Australian Business Traveller

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