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Can You Restore The Hawk Tribe To Its Former Glory In Totem Tribe Gold HD?

Can You Restore The Hawk Tribe To Its Former Glory In Totem Tribe Gold HD?

November 10, 2012
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Totem Tribe Gold HD (Free) by G5 Entertainment is a strategy adventure game where the goal is to rebuild and restore an island tribe to its former glory. According to the story, life in the Hawk tribe was peaceful and serene, but one day, a comet fell from the sky, wreaking havoc and causing a war.

You must help chief Aruku gather up the sacred totems that have been scattered around the world, and you must also help develop the villages by creating warriors, weapons, huts, training grounds, scout lodges, barracks, and more.

Since this is a strategy-type game, you will start out building a few huts to help sustain the tribe. Huts produce workers, which allow you to build more sophisticated buildings.

Totem Tribe Gold HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

If you've ever played another strategy game, you will pick up the controls and the gameplay in Totem Tribe very quickly. It's essentially just tapping and dragging to create buildings and to place them.

Everything takes quite a bit of time to build, and to be honest, this game got boring quickly. There's nothing fun about watching tiny digital workers construct buildings. Comparative to other strategy games, this one is paced much too slowly.

After you build huts, you'll build lodges for scouts, and then barracks, essentially continuing on with different kinds of buildings. Your scouts explore the island looking for important relics, and your fighters will kill creatures that you run into, like giant mushrooms.

Totem Tribe Gold HD by G5 Entertainment screenshot

The game is organized into different levels, so you after you beat a set of goals in one level, such as building a certain type of structure or unit, you will move on to start another, more complicated stage.

Ultimately, though this looks like a strategy game and has some of the elements of one, there is no strategy involved. You simply follow the directions the game gives you to create units and to find relics, which I thought made for a disappointing gameplay experience. G5 has offered much better games in the past.

Totem Tribe is more of a village management game, so those of you that have enjoyed other similar titles might very well like this one.

There are 32 different locations in this game, with 22 quests to finish and several mini games to play. There are also Game Center achievements to earn, and 20 artifacts to find.

This game is free to download, so you can check it out for free. The full game will cost $6.99 to unlock on the iPad and $4.99 to unlock on the iPhone.

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