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Step Right Up And Take A Look At The New WS-30 Scale From Withings

Step Right Up And Take A Look At The New WS-30 Scale From Withings

November 6, 2012
Just in time for those weighty New Year’s resolutions coming up soon, Withings has taken the wraps off of its next-generation Internet connected bathroom scale - the WS-30. When a user steps on the scale, a large backlit display shows both their weight and body mass index. For accuracy during each weigh-in, position control technology provides on-screen visuals for the user to properly position their body on the scale. Using either built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, the scale then automatically transmits the data to the free Withings Health Companion app and a personal Withings website page. The information can also be sent directly to a physician, or Facebook and Twitter for the really brave. Information can also be sent to 60 other apps including Runkeeper, Lose It!, Zeo Sleep Manager, and Daily Burn. And an entire family can use the scale. The WS-30 automatically recognizes up to eight individual users. Each user can decide whether to share weight readings with others or keep the information private. Along with storing the weight information, the companion app comes with a number of other features like goal setting, coaching services, and weight graphs that track your progress. The WS-30 is $129.95 and available now through Withings and at Apple Stores.

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