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Bold 2013 Prediction: Saying Hello To The MacBook AirPad

Bold 2013 Prediction: Saying Hello To The MacBook AirPad

December 31, 2012
Time is out with their top 10 technology predictions for 2013. Naturally, Apple made the list. Cupertino is the subject of two of the predictions, in fact. During the coming year, Time is predicting that Apple will unveil a hybrid tablet/laptop. Apple CEO Tim Cook may have called these types of designs a “toaster to a refrigerator.” However, the changing tech environment might force Apple to create their own type of hybrid product. As Time envisions it:
But imagine a sleekly designed hybrid that perhaps has the design lines of the MacBook Air, but with an iPad screen that detaches from its ultra-thin keyboard. For lack of a better term I call it the MacBook AirPad or iPad Air.
Done right, this type of device could certainly prove successful especially as more people go mobile. The publication also predicts that Apple will make a huge investment in the company’s supply chain. By doing so, the company can continue to “relieve many of the supply chain bottlenecks.” If this prediction were to come true, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Apple has already spent billions perfecting their vertical supply chain. They will spend more as they shift some of the company’s Mac production stateside. How about it? Would you buy a combination iPad and MacBook device? I know that I would. Source: Time

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