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Did The Kids Already Find The iPad mini Under The Christmas Tree?

Did The Kids Already Find The iPad mini Under The Christmas Tree?

December 13, 2012
Christmas is still nearly two weeks away. However, it looks like many have already unwrapped what is shaping up to be the most popular gift of the year. According to Millennial Media, the iPad mini is seeing tremendous growth in terms of Web impressions – even before the holiday arrives. In fact, the company suggests that Apple’s smaller tablet could already be dominating the relatively new sub-tablet market. In 2011, the first-generation Kindle Fire saw Web usage around the holidays increase 19 percent each day. This was enough to make Amazon’s first color tablet the top-selling 7-inch device of the year. This year, by contrast, the iPad mini is seeing growth rates that are 50 percent higher than the Kindle Fire. In fact, Millennial is seeing average growth increase 28 percent each day.

They state:
So, by our math it looks like Apple could have itself another massive holiday season.
Matt Gillis from Millennial calls the iPad mini “a game changer.” Certainly not bad for a device that is priced higher than what the competitors are charging for their own devices, huh? See also: The Cannibal Has Arrived As Sales Of iPad Said To Be Weakening Due To iPad mini. Source: Millennial Media

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