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Here Are 13 Ways Apple Could Think Differently Yet Again Heading Into 2013

Here Are 13 Ways Apple Could Think Differently Yet Again Heading Into 2013

December 13, 2012
As we get ready to say goodbye to 2012, we’ve got some ideas on how Apple could make 2013 a very lucky year. In fact, we’ve got, appropriately enough, a baker's dozen. In no particular order:

Make iOS 7 Maps shine

Do you really think that Tim Cook wanted to bring Google Maps back to iOS? Probably not, but this is what happens when you release a product like iOS 6 Maps that is poorly received. Apple users deserve better and should be rewarded with iOS 7 Maps.

Combine Newsstand and iBooks

Nothing represents Apple’s overuse of skeuomorphic design more than the Newsstand and iBooks apps. Apple should either combine the two, or make one the store and the other simply the reading app. Are you listening, Jony Ive?

Streaming Music

With iCloud, users have full access to their music files regardless of device. However, the time has finally come for Apple to offer an actual streaming music service. For this, they should look to Spotify and Pandora for inspiration.

Web-based iTunes

There are millions of users that have Android devices, but also like using iTunes on their Mac or PC. It is about time that Apple recognizes this and does something about it. Make iTunes available to anyone with a mobile device.

Stop the fighting

Washington can't do it, but perhaps Apple and Samsung can. Both companies should bury their swords in 2013 and figure out how to resolve their long-running patent infringement fights. By doing so, both can concentrate on making truly unique products.

Buy Foursquare

Earlier this year, we identified the reasons Apple should buy the popular location-based social network. Those reasons remain valid today.

Kill the iPad 2

Next spring, the second-generation iPad will celebrate its second birthday. Most likely, it won’t be around for a third. With the iPad 5 rumored to include a significantly new form factor (think iPad mini), the iPad 2 will likely soon become history. This should mean nice price cuts for the iPad with Retina display.

The Apple Watch

As the Pebble interactive watch languishes in development, Apple would be wise to take control of the concept. The previous generation iPod nano did the trick somewhat, but it didn’t include full-blown iOS. We say, bring on an actual Apple iOS watch.

Retina display iPad mini

You know that this one is coming. The only question is whether it will arrive in the spring or in the fall. Our best bet: sooner, not later.

Retina display MacBook Air

The same goes for a Retina display MacBook Air. Most likely, Cook will unveil this at WWDC in June, making many of us here at AppAdvice very happy.

Retire the iPod Classic or make it current

Last updated in September 2009, the iPod Classic is just that, a classic. Still, even classics eventually call it a day. Apple should retire the iPod Classic or rethink the concept.

More Space

Every iPad produced has arrived in three models: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Would a 128GB model be asking too much?

Bring more jobs to USA

In 2013, production of the Mac Pro is likely headed stateside. Why should Apple stop there? Good American jobs are needed, it would be nice to see Apple take a leading role in this regard. What's on your 2013 wish list for Apple?

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