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I Love Hue! Hue Soft Grip Case For iPhone 5

I Love Hue! Hue Soft Grip Case For iPhone 5

December 7, 2012
Are you guys ready to fall in love with a new case for the iPhone 5? Well, today we got the chance to review the Hue Soft Grip Case for iPhone 5 by id America it's a hard shell case made out of strengthened polycarbonate and a soft rubber coating, and you're going to love it.

The Basics

Today, we got our hands on the Hue Soft Grip Case for iPhone 5 by id America, so let's start with the basics. The body of the case has a two piece snap design that covers the entire back and sides as well as a lip that goes over the front to protect the screen. The Hue case also comes with a front screen protective film. While this type of case ensures scratch free protection on the body of the device, it does not provide any protection against the elements since all the ports are exposed. Its snug fit doesn't move around and is really easy to put on as it just snaps into place. However, taking it off can be a challenge, but that's good in a way because you know it's really on there. The trick to removing the case is to slide your fingernail around the seam of the case and then it easily pops off.

Integration With The Device

The Buttons:

Next, let's check out how well id America integrated the Hue Soft Grip Case with the iPhone 5, starting with the buttons. How well do the buttons work when using the case? The buttons themselves are fully exposed and easy to press. This is because, they did a really great job of making the areas around the buttons not too upraised, in fact they are almost indented around the buttons, which is what makes them easy to push.

Proximity Sensor:

Why would we care about the proximity sensor when it comes to cases? Because some cases cover the area around the ear piece blocking the proximity sensors functionality. So how does the Hue case do? Well, as you can see, the Hue case does not cover any part of the screen, except for the small lip around the exterior of the device. Therefore, the proximity sensor is not covered and is not affected by the case. The same goes for all three of the microphones.

Camera And Flash:

Some cases don't make the hole in the back big enough for the camera, causing reflection when using the flash or obstruction when taking a photo. The Hue case has a nice and large opening on the back for the camera. Unlike most iPhone 5 cases, it does not have the dreaded black ring that's supposed to protect from flash glare. But since the opening is large, it really doesn't need it.

Use And Feel


When you hold a case in your hand you want it to feel good. When it's too bulky, or the materials used are not of good quality it cheapens the entire feel of the case. So how did the Hue stand up?  The Hue case has a minimalistic design and since it's made of polycarbonate with a soft coating it feels amazing in your hand, and is extremely slick and soft.

Fit In Your Pocket:

Being able to glide a case into your pocket is a big plus. Since the Hue case has a minimalistic build, it fits easily into your pocket, and  it's soft yet slick exterior also helps.

How Long Will It Last?

Scratches, Skuffs and Dirt:

Cases are meant to protect. So we like to determine how long a case will last through things like drops, scratches, scuffs and how often you can take it on and off your device before it's totally ready for the trash. The Hue case won't last you a life time, but it should do pretty well depending on a few things. First off, the polycarbonate covering is made to resist scratches and scuffs and while the case itself might get a little bit dirty, it's nothing that you can't clean with a little Windex. As for dirt:  If you don't remove the case for a while you might get some dirt build up around the edges of the case.


So how many times can you drop the Hue case before it goes to pieces? Unfortunately since the case is made of a harder material and comes in two pieces it is more susceptible to coming apart, or cracking on impact.

Taking Case On And Off:

Will taking the case on and off repeatedly limit its lifespan? While the Hue case won't stretch since it's made of a hard material, the snaps might wear out but they do seem like they would probably last a long time.

What's Hot

The overall integration of the elements that id America combined to create this case: the look and feel of it, the way you push the buttons and have access to all the ports as well as all the sexy pastel colors, make the Hue a hot buy.

What's Not Hot

The Hue case will likely not work with many docks since it does add a little bit of bulk to the sides. Next, while it's slickness is also part of what makes it hot, it's almost too slick and might slip right out of your hand. Since the case is made up of two pieces, it's likely that it will break apart on impact, leaving your iPhone susceptible to damage. And the last not so hot feature: The branding on the back that says, "Born In New York."

Where Can You Get It, And How Much Does It Cost?

You can get one for yourself right on and it will cost you $19.95.

Our Advice

The Hue Soft Grip Case for iPhone 5 by id America is a beautifully designed case. From the first time you hold it in your hand, you will want it on your device. However, you have to take into consideration that this is not a great case for protecting against drops. Sure, it will protect from minor scuffs and scratches, but if you are looking for maximum protection case, you might want to keep looking. The Hue case is a perfect every day case with light protection and maximum style, so if that's what you're looking for,then go grab it now! [gallery link="file"]

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